Blue Hour Couples Session / White Rock, BC

March 20, 2o2o

WOOOO First blog post ever!! 


Wow, way to start off with a bang with these two cuties. Mehdi and Miranda met with me for their sweet sweet couples     session in a dreamy little meadow I discovered in White Rock, BC, at the very end of Spring last year. We ran through     the tall grass, gazed at the river, and cozied up during golden hour. They opened up to me about the story how they     met, at a local pub where neither of them could keep their eyes off each other. Eyeing each other turned into dancing, and before they knew it their friends had left and Mehdi and Miranda were there til close. How perfect is that?


We then walked over to the beach to see the most PERFECT cotton candy skies, it was truly the dreamiest Summer     night. These two were non-stop lovey dovey as I got them to cuddle in the sand, and it gave me all the warm and     fuzzy feelings inside. I loved every moment with them, from the belly laughs to hearing their adorable story. 


Now come and relive this peaceful night with me as you scroll through Mehdi and Miranda’s photos,